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  1. Adrienne Jessop

    Re the Gerhaher/Huber Winterreise in Torono: A few years ago I listened to a Gerhaher/Huber Winterresie on Radio 3, from the Wigmore Hall, and noticed that the audience clapped immediately after the last note; I was surprised, since other performances I have listened to the radio, or which I have been to, have had a noticeable silence at the end, in fact I tend to assume that no silence means that the audience has not been fully involved.
    One of the longest silences i have encountered was for a Wolfgang Holzmair./Andreas Haefliger Winterreise at the Wigmore Hall, which went on for so long that it seemed as if everyone would in fact just creep off home – though, of course, they didn’t. The Austrian baritone is a controversial singer who, as the saying goes, divides opinion, but his grippingly intense performances usually, as one perceptive critic has pointed out, raise questions rather than convince the audience that this is the definitive version.


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