In the bookshop of a prestigious international film society this morning:

Me: I’d like to buy this book (Godard’s “Introduction to a True History of Cinema and Television”, newly published in English translation).

Sales Clerk (conspiratorially): Oh, you must be a cinephile!

Me (brightly): Well, I love Godard.

Sales Clerk (collegially): Then you must love Spielberg.

Me (a bit too peremptory, perhaps?): No, not really. I can’t stand his films.

Clerk (shocked): But aren’t you a cinephile?

Me: I’m more of a Godardian.

Clerk (looking aggrieved, or perhaps, thinking he was dealing with a sad naïf, patiently explaining): But Spielberg directed ET!

Me (relentlessly cheery): I like Godard, Hou Hsiao-hsien…

Clerk (baffled): But Spielberg is for cinephiles.

Me: I’ll take the book, thanks.