2013 Top Ten Film List

TOP TEN LIST time: Tentatively, a virtually meaningless (because it’s arbitrary, but less arbitrary, or at least differently arbitrary, than all those published “top ten” lists based on what’s been released theatrically in the USA) best ten films I’ve seen that played in theatres or festivals in 2013:

This is roughly in order, the first five seem to me now to be likely to have lasting importance — and they are beautiful; the next five “merely” the other outstanding films this year that I’ve been able to see.

1. Stray Dogs (郊遊), Tsai Ming-liang (Taiwan; feature)

2. ’Til Madness Do Us Part (疯爱), Wang Bing (China/Hong Kong/France; documentary)

3. What now? Remind me (E agora? Lembra-me), Joaqim Pinto (Portugal; documentary / essay)

4. Spring, Nathaniel Dorsky (USA; short)

5. Redemption, Miguel Gomes (Portugal, France, Germany, Italy; short)


6. The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer (Norway, Denmark, UK; documentary)

7. The Grandmaster (一代宗師), Wong Kar-Wai (Hong Kong, China; feature)

8. Manakamana, Stephanie Spray & Pacho Velez (USA; documentary)

9. Stranger By The Lake (L’Inconnu du lac), Alain Guiraudie (France; feature)

10. Frances Ha, Noah Baumbach (USA; feature)

– Shelly