2013 Taipei Golden Horse Awards, if I were a juror

Just for fun, I’ll pretend I’m on the Golden Horse Award Jury this year, and pick what I would vote for. I think I’ve seen (almost) all of the nominated features and docs.

Best Feature Film
The Grandmaster
(though if pressed, I could happily change my vote to Stray Dogs)

Best Documentary
Pusu Qhuni

Best Director
Tsai Ming-liang / Stray Dogs

Best New Director
Anthony Chen / Ilo Ilo

Best Leading Actor
Lee Kang-sheng (Stray Dogs)

Best Leading Actress
Zhang Ziyi (The Grandmaster)

Best Supporting Actor
Huang Bo (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)

Best Supporting Actress
Yeo Yann Yann (Ilo Ilo)

Best New Performer
(what the hell: all the kids: Koh Jia Ler (Ilo Ilo); Yang Liang-yu (A Time in Quchi) ; Huang Shao-yang (Together) … it’s a good year for youthful actors)

Best Original Screenplay
Jia Zhangke (A Touch of Sin)

Best Adapted Screenplay
Stephen Chow, Derek Kwok, Lee Sheung-ching, Y.Y. Kong (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)

Best Cinematography
Liao Pen-jung, Shong Woon-chong, Lu Qingxin (Stray Dogs)

Best Visual Effects
Pierre Buffin (The Grandmaster)

Best Art Direction
William Chang Suk-ping, Alfred Yau Wai-ming (The Grandmaster)

Best Makeup & Costume Design
William Chang Suk-ping (The Grandmaster)

Best Action Choreography
Yuen Wo-ping (The Grandmaster)

Best Original Film Score
Lim Giong (A Touch of Sin)

Best Original Film Song
[who cares]

Best Film Editing
David Richardson, Allen Leung (Drug War)

Best Sound Effects
Tu Duu-chih, Kuo Li-chi, Mark Ford (Stray Dogs)

[I’ve only seen 2 of the best short film nominees]

Full list of nominees: http://www.goldenhorse.org.tw/ui/index.php?class=ghac&func=nw&lang=en